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How to Find Your Belt Size

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Belts.  They are timeless, classic pieces that often play the role of unsung hero or finishing touch.  The perfect addition to your favorite outfit, or the one garment in your wardrobe you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without.  The accessory that is both a necessity and a statement.

While belts are one of the most common accessory used by men and women alike, most people don’t actually know the correct belt size to order.

One of the easiest ways to determine the belt length you should purchase would be to measure an existing belt that you own.

However, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a belt on hand, or you may be purchasing your first belt.  In this case, most people don’t know what size to actually purchase. In most cases, the length of the belt will need to be anywhere from 3-6” greater than the waist size of your pants.

How to find your size

Using a belt that doesn’t stretch, measure from the end of the fold (not including the buckle) to the hole you currently wear the most. That measurement will then be the center hole, and thus the belt size, of the new belt.  The measurement refers to the circumference of your waist, with pants on, 

Refer to the diagram below for more details.

If you don’t have a non-stretchy belt available, use a sewing tape measure and wrap it around your waist through your belt loops.  Pulling snugly, check the measurement and round to the nearest inch, rounding up if on or over the half-inch mark.

Choosing your belt

Aside from belt length, other factors such as the width, finish, and buckle are important to consider when choosing your next belt.  Artisanal Lab offers a variety of styles to choose from, including stitched and non-stitched trim. Buckle finishes include nickel-plated, antique brass, gold, and gunmetal, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With all of the selections to choose from, you’re sure to find the belt that’s the right fit for you!

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