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Where We Started

While you've read a little bit about the story and vision behind Artisanal Lab, we wanted to share a testimony of our beginning, and what we’re all about.

I think we've all heard stories about the great and successful people who had humble beginnings, emerging from the pits of failure to create something so extraordinary and vital to society that we cannot imagine not having it.  I'm not saying that's who we are, and more than likely, our leather will not change the world.  I'm sure we can all live with that.  However, I am proud to say that we have experienced that same humble beginning.  We have experienced the late nights and early mornings, the 20-hr work days, seven days a week, while working other full-time jobs.  We built our business from the ground of our living room up.  Born partly out of interest, partly out of necessity, and then raised on a vision, a dream, a desire to do more.

The best part about our business (and I don't really like to use the word 'business' because to us it's more than that), is that it has remained true to its form from the beginning.  Even as we grew, we never left behind the fundamental principles that gave us our start.  Those principles reside on creating premium products for a below-premium price.  We know our products are premium quality because we make them out of the finest American leather available.  Every design comes from our own desire to see what we can create.  We size and cut every piece, punch every hole, and stitch using the age-old method: by hand. 

So what happens when you add high-quality ingredients with made-by-hand love?  A product so unique in form that it begs the question, "how long have you been doing this?"  The answer: not long.  But we know from experience that time is not the only factor.  In fact, when you're passionate about something, that passion is all you need to make it happen.

And it’s that passion that allows us to do create these stunning pieces at equally stunning prices.  Because we’re not in it for the glory.  We’re in it because it’s our art.  And artists create, it’s what they do.  We continue to ride that humble wave, thankful for where it has carried us, and thrilled to see what’s ahead.