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A Little About our Brand

We Are

a rookie brand, born out of our home in Charlotte, NC.  Our team- one Architect-trained husband and one detail-oriented, planning wife- began small, creating Apple iWatch bands and a handful of wallets.

Our brand came to be when Gary had the need to shift careers.  Long days in the office were no longer what he enjoyed and he felt the need to get back to working with his hands.  After doing some research, he found a small leather shop in Charlotte, walked in, and started learning.  After a year and a half, he stepped out on his own to focus on using his architectural background for a different use, creating fully functional, intentionally designed products for his customers. 

Seeing not only the need to pitch in but feeling the desire to be a part of something unique, Rachel has stepped in, playing every role from Operations Manager to Event Scheduler to Supportive Wife.  With a background in sustainable initiatives, Rachel has embraced Gary's newfound passion for leather and added her own vision to the mix, working to develop a green operation.  Additionally, her extreme love for travel and belief in social advocacy have influenced several of the product designs as well as the main principles on which the business operates.

After almost one year of going solo, the brand has grown, and so has the standard.  As we continue to grow, we never waver on our passion for creating the best pieces, our dedication to functional designs, and the drive to always push above and beyond.  We craft each product by hand with equal parts passion and expertise.  It's never been about doing things the fastest way or cutting corners- it's about doing them the right way, the only way- a belief we've stood behind and are continuously building our brand on.