A well-maintained leather product will last a lifetime.

The following guidelines will walk you through the basic steps to ensure proper leather care and products that last forever. We recommend doing your homework and researching the best solution for achieving the level of care you are after.  We can only share with you from our experiences what has worked for us in the past.


Remove dirt by cleaning with leather cleaners such as saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner. These are products that are available in small quantities on Amazon or eBay. After cleaning, allow a few minutes to dry, then buff with a soft cotton cloth, repeating until desired texture and smoothness is achieved.


To prevent flaking and wrinkling, apply a leather lotion or conditioner to a soft cloth, preferably cotton, and gently rub leather thoroughly in circular motions, allowing the product to absorb for a few minutes.  Wipe away any excess product.

We recommend using our own conditioner, Rock's Natural Leather Balm.  Just like all our products, our balm is handcrafted in small batches.  With only three ingredients, we maintain our minimalist style and philosophy of less is more.  Natural, high-quality US-sourced ingredients and hours spent researching the best application and production methods have produced a balm that will keep your beloved leather items looking their best for generations.

Please keep in mind that many leather conditions and balms contain nut products, such as sweet almond oil.  We have elected to use grapeseed oil to allow for anyone with nut allergies to utilize our product.

Depending on environmental conditions - dryness or humidity- apply conditioner at least quarterly, allowing your leather to remain soft and supple.  


We think scrapes and scuffs accumulated over the life of your product add character.  Each mark tells a story.  If you want to polish it up a bit, use a soft cotton cloth for application and buffing.


Most of our leather is already waterproofed.  To help protect against the elements, use a spray protectant for occasional exposure. For a more durable, wet weather application, use a boot wax to achieve a long-lasting seal. Waxes may alter the appearance slightly, so keep that in mind when deciding which application to use. We strongly recommend using Mink oil- our personal favorite.