ArtisanalLab English Bridle Wicket and Craig

All ArtisanalLab products start from great sources.

We only use the best, from Horween from Horween of America to bridles and harnesses from Wickett and Craig to a more distressed and rounded surfaced material from Tasman Leather Group. We are very intentional and specific in our selection process, this is our main reason why we stick with procuring from the USA tanneries.
Some of the leather that we use are not 100% perfect, its unique texture and natural imperfections throughout the life of the cow have not been excluded, why? Because we believe that that is what makes each product unique, they are stronger than the conventional buffed, stripped or over processed leather goods.
Our collection of products uses thick, full grain leather that is combination tanned. Our finished goods are somewhat of a snug fit, similar to a pair of leather shoes. The leather, over time with use, will break in, becoming softer and a lot more pliable while gaining a rich patina over time. The tanning process is no way perfect, due to these phenomena the nature and variation in each piece/side of leather, may appear slightly different to each other and product photos.


Some of our Chosen Leather pallets includes, but not limited to the following:


 Tasman Group-Dark Earth CRazy

Dark Earth Crazy weather 5-5.5oz. Vintage style leather with a dull finish, pull-up, and medium temper.



Tasman Group-Bark Freeport

Bark Freeport - 5-5.5oz is a milled leather, light-medium temper.



Tasman Group-Dark Brown Freeport

Dark Brown Freeport is a milled leather, light-medium temper.  (Averages 5-5.5oz).

Wheat Harvest is a beautiful smooth waxed pull-up leather with a firmer temper, amazing pull-up and a hard waxed top (Averages 5.5oz)



Saddle Heritage Averages 4.5 – 5oz, light-medium tamper with an amazing pull-up and rounded texture.



Please note: Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures to product.