Artisanal Lab was founded by owners Gary and Rachel Cummings in November 2018.  This husband-and-wife team, based in Charlotte, NC, entered the leather industry several years prior, when Gary, who had been interning at a local leather shop, began experimenting with his own designs for small leather goods and accessories.

Because Gary has a strong design background with an education in Architecture, he has always valued quality craftsmanship and creating products that not only meet the needs of the consumer, but inspire the user in their everyday lives.

Leather has always been a staple in Gary’s style, having been heavily influenced by his parents and the products they sold in their stores.  Leather is a material that invites memories and nostalgia, and Gary seeks for his products to embody those characteristics, while taking on a sleek and simple look.

Today, Artisanal Lab offers a wide range of products, from small watch bands and wallets, to crossbody purses, satchels, and tote bags.  With a specialty in custom design and personalized options, Artisanal Lab offers fantastic gifting options for individuals or corporate organizations.