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Fall Fashion Totes

Fall into Fashion with our collection of versatile leather totes

Changing leaves, cool breezes, apple cider and pumpkin spice everything.  Fall is the time of year when our senses go into overload. New smells, new sounds, new feels.  It’s a time many feel relief from the hot summer temperatures. Others get excited as they begin to anticipate the upcoming holidays.

With so many changes- families adjusting to new school routines and extracurricular activities, and workplaces and employees gearing up for the holiday season- time only seems to speed up when we find ourselves with more on our plates.

So why struggle trying to balance everything we love?  Just like your mom always advised you to dress in layers when the weather is changing, make life easier for yourself by investing in a versatile tote bag that can do it all, that way, you will always be prepared.

Do you love grabbing lattes with a friend after your morning yoga class?  Are you concerned about making it from your afternoon work conference to your evening parent-teacher conference?  Don’t sweat it because our totes can handle it all.

With a double-stitched upper rim for maximized strength and support, and compartmentalized interior and exterior pockets, your tote can carry everything you need while you glide through your daily activities with ease.

The best part?  It goes with everything.  No matter what work event or social outing you face, you can pack your schedule with confidence, knowing that your outfit, and your essentials, will be as versatile as you are.

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